11 Beliefs that a Queen of Possible swears by


You create your life. (May as well do it flamboyantly).
I’ve been designing my life by this rule since age 11 when my parents packed us up and moved countries. It was that, or drown in my own tears.
The elder women in my lineage rolled by the same belief – my great, great grandmother divorced and decided to create her life her own way too!
Buying into the ‘that’s just the way life is…’ story is a one-way ticket to mind-numbing jobs, careers, relationships, nagging dissatisfaction and even depression.
You have the power to create your life and fully live out your natural potential.
That’s how I live. That’s what I do. That’s who I am. What are you waiting for?


Ultimate freedom is showing up as YOU, and choosing how you do that.
There’s nothing so deliciously grown up and attractive as simply being who. you. are!
People-pleasing only stunts your growth and keeps you bound in to life sapping conformity.
Being authentically and unapologetically you is where the life is. It’s a direct pathway to your energy, your joy, your sense of capacity, your vitality and your freedom.
Put your crown on babe!
Own your stuff, own your desires and shine!
It will keep you young.


Excellence trumps perfection.
What’s the difference?
Excellence supports growth. Excellence biggifies you! Excellence pulls you up from within.
Perfectionism narrows your focus, reduces your options and feeds straight into mediocrity and procrastination.
Perfectionism is rooted in fear.
Excellence is rooted in divine desire and enthusiasm.
Aim for excellence. See you up there!


Everything. Starts. Within. YOU.
ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: LOVE, communication, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, determination, deep human connection, inspiration, respect, success, admiration…
Connect to yourself first and you will connect more deeply with others.
Radiate your joy and you will share in the joy of others.
Know yourself, be confident and ask for what you want – don’t wait for others to recognise you.
Life is an inside-out process. Change is an inside out process. Everything is an inside out process.
Work it from within.


You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you settle for.
TAKE YOUR PLACE! Make your own rules! YOU were meant to shine. Stop hoping for others to notice your worth. Hope is not a strategy!
Set higher standards, aligned and refined with what you want to resonate. Simply accept nothing less. I dare you!



You are the rightful centre of your world.
Yep! YOU!
Not your lover, your partner, your children, your job, your parents or your exotic japanese goldfish. Sound selfish?
Well, the female wolf nourishes herself first so she can nourish her pack.
You put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. It’s actually common sense and the best way to be of service to the world.
Darling, get thyself right back into the centre of your world where you belong.


Effort – hell yeah! Struggle – no way!
If you’re struggling, you’re on the wrong track! Struggle is not big. It’s belittling.
Struggle is one eyed, rigid and inflexible – as satisfying, energising and useful as banging your head against a brick wall.
Effort lifts you and constantly challenges you to show up as your best. Effort is intentional, directed, flexible, energising and totally harnesses your capacity. Effort is hard, yeah, but never soul destroying.
If you feel like you’re constantly pushing shit uphill – and reckon that’s normal – get a belief check ASAP!


Creativity and play solve problems faster.
There’s a very serious and scientific theory behind this …but it’s too long and boring to go into.
Basically it involves tapping into the limitless possibility of the universe through your right brain, which opens up your parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn ramps up your ‘possibility radar.’
Creativity opens you up to unlimited possibility faster than getting a Nobel prize-winning idea as you climb on the bus!
Creativity – like laughter – is also a powerful energiser! Every. Single. Time.


The only constant in life is change.
If you don’t honour your own natural process of growth, and stifle that call from within, life will just help you along with a whopping great kick in the pants (of which I’ve had my fair share).
Darling, all change is uncomfortable, all growth is uncomfortable – even desired.
So you may as well make it your conscious choice and ride that wave.
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and lean into shining brighter !


Everything is possible. Especially when you think it isn’t.
Whatever life you truly want to create, whatever life you deeply want to experience, only you can stop you.
So pour your heart, soul, energy and relentless determination into it.
What you focus on expands.
Back up your dream with meaningful action AND NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. (I have a tendency to repeat this)
You’ll always get what you believe.


Love (and laugh) big.
Love is my reason for getting up in the morning.
I love what I do. Love my life. Love who I am. Love you.
Love is excellence, effort, enthusiasm, creativity, vitality, quality, aspiration, inspiration, and extraordinary life force.
I don’t know how to love small.
People who know me, including my clients, often notice that I write ‘LOVE’ at the bottom of my emails. If you think it’s inappropriate, or don’t ‘Love’ like that – it’s a sign that we probably need to see each other. Seriously? How can you exist wholly without love? Love biggifies you!