30 ways to set yourself up for success

30 ways

Even when you aren’t sure what you’re doing:

It’s March (talk about stating the obvious!).
Yes but MAAAARRRCH. Month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and you know what that means, don’t you?
First of all, it clearly means that that we’re already a quarter of the way through this year, and there’s no going back!

It also means that there’s a radical change of energy. A charge of new life, and crispness.  Everything has a season darling and this is the season for coming out of hibernation, or summer lethargy if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, and planting your seeds of success.

Whatever step up you’re wanting to take. Whatever possible you want to reinvent… especially if you’re NOT SURE where the hell to start

Tap into the delicious, delightful, energising Spring and start here!

1) Anchor yourself in your breathing.
Oxygenate. (Can I say this enough? I breathe, therefore I am)

2) Dare to dream bigger than you are. Then raise it by 50%.

3) Love your dream truly, madly, deeply. Like your lover. Like your child. What would you do for it?

4) Be the queen of intention. Start each day, each project, as you wish to continue

5) Start each day… the night before. Prepare ahead.

6) Get specific about what you think you want now vs what you really want most.
Act on that. (Hang in there. Long term energy and impact beats instant gratification).

7) Structure your time and energy – structure supports spontaneity

8) Ritual. Ritual. Create rituals that support your concentration, your progress, your energy.

9) Everyday Routine. If you’ve still got your pearly white teeth, daily routines can’t be all bad.
Make it positive and light. See structure and ritual….

10) Ask more of yourself – Test your limits. Test your beliefs. Test your strength. Aim higher.

11) Ask less of yourself – Schedule down time.
Aim for excellence not perfection. Relax your deadlines.

12) Ask for help. Now ask for help again. And again.
No, no. You really can’t do it all yourself and nor should you.
Ask for help. Please.

13) Do the hard stuff first

14) Banish the words ‘should’ and ‘must’ from your vocabulary.
Replace them with ‘choose’ and ‘want’. Act on that.

15) When you stuff up, be kind to yourself.
Then start over. Every second is a new opportunity to be great.
You still walk before you run.

16) Keep your promises to yourself

17) Take vitamin D3 – discernment, determination and delight.

18) Take quiet contemplation time. Alone. Every day

19) Trust your own advice

20) Believe your own experience. Every. Single. Time. Most people don’t.

21) Be soft but relentless, think “devil-possessed bulldozer driven by a fluffy toy”

22) Never give up – your end goal

23) Give up on any approach that just isn’t getting you there

24) Remember Then is not Now.
Adapt to what is going on right now.
In your body. In your life. In your world.

25) Fit your activity, rituals, planning and nourishment to the seasons. Nature is wise.

26) Act on your hunches and gut instincts. Right away.
They are pearls of wisdom to string together.

27) Inspire your mind every morning.

28) Nourish your body with soul food and water.
It will thank you by strengthening and carrying you further.

29) Look fear in the face every day, smile graciously, and elegantly give it the middle finger.
Then continue head high and curious into the face of danger

30) Celebrate something, anything, Every.Day.

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