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3 ways to reinvent your possible


Reinvent possible

Two delicious days to recharge your batteries, declutter your thoughts and make big changes.


A mastermind mentoring cocktail to go further – longer – together !


When you think sharing’s overrated and you want some personalised attention

11 ways to recognise a Queen of Possible

A Queen of Possible dares to live her potential and create a full colour life. She is determined. She is outspoken, enthusiastic and bold. She wants more. She would rather take a risk and get it all wrong than risk withering in the ‘right’ crowd. She doesn’t fit in. How could she … her true place isn’t within the beige palette of conformity and good girl rules.



30 ways

30 ways to set yourself up for success

Even when you aren’t sure what you’re doing: It’s March (talk about stating the obvious!). Yes but MAAAARRRCH. Month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and you know what that means, don’t you? First of all, it clearly means that that we’re already a quarter of the way through this year, and there’s no going

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Self Love

Self Love is a Verb darling. Roll up your sleeves!

You don’t get what you want. You get what you settle for. Word. If pure gold tattoos existed (and I haven’t yet lost hope that they do) I’d already have that scrawled up my right thigh as a permanent reminder to NEVER SETTLE. Actually, I lie, I’d just have ‘Truth’ tattooed on my ring finger

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Self Love

Self Love

February is for loving yourself up! Selfish? I think not. Here’s why! It’s February. The month of Loooooooove. Who needs an excuse to write about Love anyway?  Love is everything isn’t it? Even if I don’t have a date for Valentine’s day (no, that’s not a hint. OH GOD THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT A HINT!!).

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These little jewels of inspiration have literally changed my life for the better in one way or another. Sometimes to give me a well needed kick up the bum ALWAYS to help me develop my own potential, cultivate my optimism and maintain momentum towards my own personal horizons. Come take a look – you might just find your own treasure here too!



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