Who’s Angela?

Coach, ardent change catalyst, writer and all round Queen of Possible, my whole purpose in life is to save the world through helping fabulous 40ish women live their potential and metamorphose from “F*ck! Is this all there is?” to “ Check out the view from the top of my personal Everest!” by showing them how to crystallise their power, unflinchingly trust themselves and resolutely refuse to settle for less.

Action darling!
Grab your crown, pack your determination,
and let’s get it happening. 

Vho is Angela




34 (not so) random facts you might like to find out
before taking me on as your coach.

1) I stand for:
freedom, interdependence, vision, enthusiasm, creativity and adventure. Actually I will bare my teeth and fight fiercely for these but rarely have to

2) Believe:
Life is a daring adventure or nothing – we are confined only by the walls we build ourselves

3) Create:
my own rules

4) Learnt that:
being nice is belittling. Grace and integrity always

5) Most surprising family fact :
both my great and great – great grandmothers divorced That’s a long bloodline of independent women standing down tradition and creating their own rules.

6) Success =
unapologetically living your potential.

7) Know:
fear is an unmistakable call to Take the leap (metaphorically speaking)!

8) Most empowering action :
telling my narcissistic boss where he could file his marketing manager’s job – without a back up plan. Asked back two days later on a consultancy basis – paid double!

9) Favourite time :
pre-dawn stillness before the world wakes up. Anywhere, especially on a mountain top.

10) Most fabulous job (other than this one):
consultant in women’s education & girls’ education for UNESCO

11) Favourite moments :
seeing my clients (all women actually – and my kids) live bigger and get the juice from life

12) Personal tragedy:
The total house fire in which all was lost, except hope. Which motivated a freaking phoenix rise from the ashes in all areas of my life. Thank you tragedy!

13) Best anti-age secret:
Laugh (especially at yourself). Do what you love. Outsource the rest.

14) Most theatrical idea : writing my ‘letter of adieu’ to my family (just in case…) before my first bungee jump – fear can be a powerful muse!

15) Most frustrating moment:
giving up a mountain marathon half way due to a bra blow out! Ask me about that one.

16) Most exhilarating and painful moment:
galloping across the Moroccan desert on a black stallion with a BRIGHT RED saddle

17) Most breath-taking moment :
Sunrise from the top of a NZ glacier (after climbing all night – and falling asleep with food in my mouth – during a snow storm)

18) International moves :
6 – between New Zealand, Australia, Belgium & France. Starting over – again and again.

19) 1st international move :
1981 age 11. Changed her name to begin her ‘new’ life flamboyantly

20) Near death experience:
held underwater against a cliff by the current after upturning my kayak. (still wish for the superpower of breathing under water. ).

21) TV star for an evening :
French prime time TV taking ‘Franck’ on an adventure race. He still remembers the 100km/hr Scabble line. I still remember his face. Boundary pushing. It’s a life practice.

22) Ferociously protect :
my personal space

23) Proudest achievement:
Homeschooling my 3 kids in two languages to teach them that there was more than one way to ‘do learning’ . We miraculously survived.

24) Weirdest situation:
Elton John’s backing band drinking tea in my pool at 3am after their Brisbane concert

25) Most delicious memory:
Walking out of UNESCO with THE job (after all those written refusals). Getting what you want sometimes means selling everything you own in one weekend and moving countries!

26) Studied :
International trade and finance, anthropology and Mandarin – then moved to France. Life IS NOT LINEAR!

27) Celebrate :
Life. Every day. Preferably with champagne (in real glasses, please!)

28) Personal health rituals :
Meditation. Creativity. Sport. Every day. It’s vital.

29) Refuse to:
Settle. Ever

30) Childhood dream:
Save the world – it’s a constant work in progress

31) Current challenge:
finish my book in French, ‘Success is a Feminine Verb’ and publish it

32) First book with impact :
‘I DARE YOU’ Age 13. A present from my dad. My coaching vocation started in the first pages.

33) Advice :
OUTDO YOURSELF! Shine Darling! Every day.

34) I practice being a Queen of Possible like a TV-evangelist!

You can be a Queen of Possible too.
Grab your crown and drop me a line.