Reinvent possible 1 : set sail

Two days of meditation, self-exploration and mental decluttering
What else?

‘DROP THE ROPES is all about that! LETTING GO OF THE BELIEFS AND DOUBT HOLDING YOU BACK and stepping resolutely into a more creative and dynamic way of approaching your life.

‘DROP THE ROPES is about taking back the control of your own mental space and banishing the doubts and fears (what I call your pirate crew) crowd your head !

It’s a mix of joyful, colourful self-expression and deep self-reflection. That special place where Effervescence and Essence meet.

It’s an open door to your potential and possibility, that vast and unexplored horizon of the next years of your precious life.

Les stages réinventer le possible

Breathe in deeply then… Imagine…

  • Spending 2 days away in the delightful South West France countryside with a small group of kindred spirits (women only) for some deep, clear insights into what is really holding you back
  • Doing a mega konmari of the stale, outdated self-images, negative beliefs, self-doubt, and other ‘pirate’ thoughts that hijack your mind constantly
  • Developing a deeper confidence and conviction about your innate capacity to lead your life on your terms and effectively direct your destiny.
  • Reuniting with your innate creative spirit. Yes. You are creative. We’ll talk about this.
  • Reconnecting with the deep wisdom of your essential self
  • Inventing your very own gorgeous manifesto to live by as a daily guide and source of inspiration
  • Feeling free, energised, inspired and enthusiastic about the next horizon of your life and the actions you will commit to implementing to make it a reality
  • Dropping the mask, and getting refreshingly real with yourself first. If that sounds scary, but you know you need it, don’t worry – you’re never have to share with the others! 

If you’ve been trying to do this by yourself and struggling, this could be why: You just ain’t meant to be doing this alone !! Millions of years of evolution are against you!

Besides – why would you if you don’t have to?

With this gorgeous environment, a tribe of open, like-minded women and a compassionate but firm guide to both support you and stretch you out of your comfort zone, you’ll make greater jumps ahead in just two days than you ever will alone.

I know this because I attend retreats at least twice a year myself – plus training.  And there’s not one woman so far who hasn’t told me after a retreat what a relief it was to learn she wasn’t alone

What will you experience at the Retreat?

More :
Serenity (after some initial apprehension – Pirates don’t like attention at first),
Confidence in yourself and your choices
Clarity about who you really are
Lightness. I’d like to say incredible lightness of being and that will come afterwards, with practice

Mostly though you’ll feel intense relief when you experience that you are NOT your thoughts, you HAVE thoughts, and when you learn to distinguish between your own deep inner wisdom and those pernicious voices of doubt, limiting belief, criticism and other pirate thoughts that hold you back from fully living your life
By the end of the first day you’ll be familiar with which of your “pirate thoughts” have hijacked your headspace and command your habits.

And you’ll learn an unbeatable technique for anchoring yourself and keeping yourself focused on the essential.

At the end of the first day, ciao doubts, ciao unconscious bad habits!
Hellloooooo to a delightfully more liberating way of moving forward in your life!

Oh – let’s not forget the creative afternoon. You’ll definitely get a dose of zing from splashing a bit of colour around, colouring outside the lines and intentionally connecting with your innate creativity.
It’s deliciously scandalous to have so much fun ‘working’!

We see what we believe. We are what we do.

Why a creative component?

Because it’s good for you! Better than your mother’s soup!

Creativity is a way of getting you to be in ‘the flow.’ It opens you up to different possibilities and new, resourceful ways of meeting your challenges. It deepens your sense of connection to yourself and others, increases your optimism, expands your sense of time, and reduces stress.  It’s also a groovy permission slip to take a risk and be you. That is why every one of my retreats has a creative session.

‘Drop the Ropes’ will help you get out of your own way and cultivate a more creative, intentional, serene life.

Who knows what this will open up for you. Come and out for yourself!


This is how the weekend flows…


Meeting at 9:00 sharp for a smoothie energy boost

  • Some creative get to know you’s
  • A meditation (for all levels) so you can anchor yourself and fully arrive before getting into the day’s activities
  • Discover your personal pirates and watch them in action! Explorations in groups or alone to help you identify:
    • Your most outdated self images
    • Your most unhelpful habits 
    • The beliefs that most hold you back
    • The most limiting ways you talk about yourself
    • Your worst inner critic voice

At the end of the day you’ll have an unbeatable technique to radically distance your pirates, make decisions from a deeper place of wisdom, be more compassionate with yourself and cultivate more helpful self talk to guide your actions.

(Of course, there will also be lunch, breaks and pauses for deep reflection. You’ll get plenty of fresh air time.)

18 :30 Congratulations, the first day is complete!

Sunday morning

  • 9:00 meet up for another wee smoothie boost then a visualisation
  • Practical explorations in ‘possible’ to cultivate more opportunity in your life
  • 3 techniques to choose a deeper direction and set yourself on the path to
  • Choose the words that speak to your soul that you will use to keep you on your path after the retreat


Sunday afternoon

Creative workshop including: colour splashing, laughter, connection, mind-emptying, unfolding, letting go of expectations and all round exploration and discovery.

You’ll transform those ‘magic words’ into a colourful pirate shield made from recycled French wine crates.

But it’s even more than that. Come and discover the many, more subtle benefits of cultivating a state of optimal flow more during the retreat for yourself at the retreat!

At the end of each day there’ll be a closing meditation followed by a glass of bubbles, because it’s important to celebrate your progress.

And last thing! Just before you leave the retreat, you’ll choose one new, affirmative action to help you anchor your new insights and keep you pointed towards your new horizon. That will be food for exploration and discovery at the follow up session.

Ce n’est pas fini… ! 

Dernière petite chose ! Juste avant de partir, tu t’engageras sur une action à prendre pour te permettre de t’ancrer fermement dans ton nouvel élan de vie – serein et enthousiaste – et nous en reparlerons lors de la séance un mois plus tard.


The little extra details

Meals and Catering

I’ll provide breakfasts, nut mix, fruit, dips, biscuits, still and sparkling water and wine.
If you have any special dietary needs, let me know at least 2 weeks prior to the Retreat so I can plan accordingly for our meals.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes for lounging, plenty of paper/a journal for writing, glitter pens and felt tips are definitely allowed!  Make sure your clothes, including shoes, are ‘paint friendly’ for the second day of the retreat because we do get very messy and accidents invariably occur. Remind me to tell you about the time….

Pre-Retreat Work 

We will meet for a 45 minute session so I can get to know you better and understand your needs and expectations.

Post-Retreat Work 

It’s all too easy to be inspired and motivated whilst you’re away in a gorgeous environment, away from the pull of regular demands, and then to lose that momentum when you return to your everyday. 
So to counter that effect and keep you inspired, we will have a 2hour group meet up after the retreat to keep the insights alive and to celebrate the progress you’ve made since the retreat!

Your investment

Your investment for the Retreat, inclusive of:

  • Two days retreat, explorations, exercises and self-reflective you time.
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Pre and Post Retreat group meetings
  • All templates, handouts and notes

is just 1995 €
(WATCH out for the early bird price 6 weeks before the retreat)


Click here to let me know you’re interested and I’ll get straight back to you. We can have a chat about what you need and if this retreat is the right option for you;