stands for Vitality, Energy, Serenity, Passion, Enthusiasm, Results.

Honey, when your life is infused with each of these words at the same time, magic will happen.  

VESPER is a 6 month program for women who want more from life. Women who are dying to create a deeper, more fulfilling, richer world – starting with their own project. And who don’t want to let another year go before they dig in and do it. 

Sooooo wasn’t this the year you were going to finally get your project off the ground: write that book, launch your new concept, get your art out there… start your business?  

Only ‘real life’ obligations keep getting in the way? Everybody else’s problems and needs pass in front of your own, and you feel isolated, without support or guidance from people who actually understand what you want to do.  

It’s end of yet another crazy week and you barely have the time, enthusiasm and energy to do better than a take-away pizza for the kids and glass of wine on the sofa let alone make progress on your own precious intentions.

And besides, you’re not quite sure where to start or what to do next – or how the heck to stay motivated with everything else you have to do

Wouldn’t it be great to have a some guidance so you can feel like you’re making progress at last?

Les stages réinventer le possible

Darling! Your prayers have been answered!

What’s VESPER ? (Other than the name of James Bond’s drink?)

It’s a buzzing cocktail of masterminding and coaching created just for you.

Vesper is a bit like the cross between a vitamin-rich smoothie (which gives you healthy peps, energy and enthusiasm) and a glass of champagne (with its clarity, refinement and success bubbles) !  


  • Crystallise your ideas and intentions into a workable vision
  • Cultivate creative solutions for making it work
  • Clarify which actions will help you make the most joyful and efficient headway  
  • Feel supported, less isolated and SUPER MOTIVATED to keep up the momentum.

What is the VESPER coaching mastermind ?

This is not your normal coaching program!


Connection: you’ll be part of a group of 6 inspiring, brilliant  women. Each with a place for your unique project to be explored, encouraged, clarified and boosted! 
It will be fun, joyful, creative and inspiring! And more importantly – you’ll make headway on that next success of yours

Clarity: An effervescent mix of group coaching and masterminding that will help you clarify your ideas and keep your eyes firmly fixed on your horizon.

Motivation : regular interaction and support in a closed WhatsApp group to keep your energy levels and motivation high.

Who is this program for?

Point For you, if you have a dream that you intend to transform into a real project and make a success of it (only it’s not how you’ve recognised yourself before so you’re going to have to reinvent yourself to do it!).

Point Women who want to stop talking about making a change and actually create something real. Ready to storm the barricades if necessary and take affirmative action, even though they’re not sure which action to take right yet.  

Point Women who inwardly know that it’s not outside circumstances that determine success but the small actions you take every day that reinforce progress. 

Point Women who love autonomy, have the drive to progress with a project but who are stalling in doubt due to isolation and not enough true support. 

Point Women who enjoy the company of other women, who have had enough of doing it all alone, and who want share experiences and encouragement, to be part of a movement to rise up and progress together.

Point Women who are determined dammit to make it happen! Because life’s too short to wait any longer and this burning desire will eat you up from the inside if you don’t do the CARPE DIEM SEIZE THE DAY number!

Who this program isn't for?

Point First of all – if you don’t have an idea for a project yet, this probably isn’t for you. Defining what you want to do, or get out there, requires some preliminary work first and we can talk about that over a cuppa.

Point Women who would rather stay safely within their comfort zone rather than taking steps to leave the shore. Sorry honey. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. You either want to make your dream a reality, or you’re rather in love with the idea of dreaming itself. Dreaming is a fabulous and necessary occupation. But it’s not enough for VESPER!

Point Women who want to talk about achievement but don’t actually want to put in the time and effort necessary to get a project off the ground.

Point If you don’t like working in a group.

Point You are not prepared to invest in yourself and your next project, or this investment will result in financial hardship.

Point You cannot commit to the Mastermind Sessions on a consistent basis and pretty well know you won’t do the homework

This is how VESPER works:

2 X 2hr group sessions per month over 6 months:
We will meet online via Zoom (a platform sorta like Skype!) monthly as a collective. This is where we set some clear intentions and evaluate the challenges. Then we define actions in alignment with what you want to accomplish by the end of the 6 months.
Your fellow circle members will give you feedback and together we will motivate you with a real ‘infusion’ of energy. These sessions will run for two hours and will be recorded for future access.

3 x 45mins 1:1 coaching sessions with me (you get the VIP treatment here! I only have ears for you.)

  • Session 1 (January): clarify your intentions, define a vision, and identify the key resources you need to get there.
  • Session 2 (March/April): small check in to ensure that you are aligned and enthusiastic as you were in the beginning with your project.
  • Session 3 (June): let’s celebrate your progress, celebrate your victories and get clarity around your next steps.

An active WhatsApp group
So you can stay connected as often as you want with your VESPER team, for regular support and constant motivation.
I will be popping into this group at least once a day to answer any questions you may have, or to give you a dose of energy if needed.


Are you ready to start making progress on that one special project your heart has been calling you to for years? Are you ready to dig in and do it – reinvent a new version of yourself?

You want to feel like youre finally rolling with your next success?
(Hell yeah! Lets get this show on the road!)

Your investment is 4200 € TTC for the 6 month program

Email me here to reserve your place.