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Wild spirit leadership

Live your life and your leadership more powerfully, from the inside out

Leadership can be a lonely, dispiriting place for women.

Women, like you, with game-changing ideas, who long to shake the foundations and make a resounding impact.

When you are up at night again trying to figure it all out.

When your mission feels vital yet you feel frustrated and drained from managing the façades, the lack of integrity, BS playground politics and compromise. When somehow 'being grateful' for your accomplishments doesn't cut it for raising your energy and enthusiasm anymore. When you find yourself secretly thinking leadership isn't quite the adventure it's cracked up to be... this I know:

• You are still playing small – and kidding yourself you’re not.
• You’re still slipping back into being the good girl and waiting for permission
• You’re secretly still controlling, subtly manipulating and trying to get it right
• You’re probably still secretly trying to manage ‘it all’ on your own
• You're only partially being authentic
• You’re living from the head up, and lost your connection to your heart

Reconnect with your deeper wisdom to transform your leadership and LIVE your life

The adventure starts here!

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Wild Spirit Club

A community of exceptional,
... sparklingly incorrigible... women leaders

Join a private community of committed, game-changing, supportive women who play to their edge, dare to ruffle feathers and dig as deep as they reach high.

RISE leadership adventure

An unforgettable human experience.
Contribution, commitment, community lead development.

Transform your leadership and redefine possible. Help women in developing countries do the same RISE Uganda Applications open for 2021

Private one to one coaching

For extraordinary women on a mission.

You want faster results, deeper inquiry, and soul food. And you don't want to share!

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

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