Angela Philp

Wild Spirit Leadership Club

“Every noble action starts with strengthening the spirit – whether your aspirations are personal or global”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, 
Women who run with the wolves.

It’s time to finally step out of your cage and say to yourself, your people and to the world, “Here I am. I am taking over now.”

Glennon Doyle, Untamed.

Wild Spirit Leadership Club, is for women who want to strengthen their spirit, reconnect with their essential, authentic power and truly develop their courage and creativity alongside other courageous, inspiring, challenging, brilliant, wise, high performing women, in an environment designed to cultivate excellence, integrity, joy and connection.

This is a club for you if:

or aspire to lead, from a fierce and unwavering love for humanity and the Earth we inhabit. (But find yourself disheartened and dissuaded by the generally mediocre leadership of the dominant power structures that have you saying, ‘What’s the point?’)

that are both personal AND global. So big they feel impossible sometimes, so you slip back into complacency, or make yourself ok about settling for less. Also so big, the people you lead sometimes just ‘don’t get it.’

in your leadership and in your relationships, regardless of how many networks, groups and clubs you are member.

and still find yourself curbing your edge and softening your voice in spite of your reputation for being outspoken, devoted and kickass.

play and fun and want to cultivate your connection to the deeper life force within you. As long as that doesn’t mean trading in your stimulating corporate/political/ life for the simple life in a yurt. You can go barefoot and feel the wind in your hair and keep your critical thinking, structure and champagne you know.

You want to be challenged AND supported in speaking deeper truths, then acting on them.

You want to be inspired by the people around you.

You’re a maven or a maverick – or desire to be one.

Wild Spirit Leadership club provides a space for just that:

Reconnection with your powerful, untamable, deep, wild nature.

Inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement of other women leaders, driven by an ‘impossibility’ to accomplish in this lifetime that runs in their veins. Even if they haven’t quite put the words on what that is yet.

Celebrating your successes AND your failures in a safe space.

Wild Spirit Leadership Club, is for women who want to strengthen their spirit, reconnect with their authentic power and create new results for themselves and their communities, with the support of other inspiring, brilliant, straight-talking women. All this in an atmosphere designed to cultivate excellence, integrity, joy and connection.

If you’re atypical, unconventional in your thinking, adaptable and you can’t help but challenge existing structures and you’ve been holding yourself back…

If you’ve been trying to make a big impact on your own but you’re not making headway… (because nothing great was ever achieved by one person in their own corner, right?)

If it’s finally time to make an exponential rise rather than one more little incremental move…

If society would say you’re a success, but you feel like something’s still missing…

It’s probably this!

A sisterhood of 8 other atypical and unconventional women game changers, like you, on a 5 month adventure to deepen your leadership and reinvent possible.

We start April 23rd 2021 on Zoom. 

So… What exactly will you be getting yourself into?

Over the five months we will:

Explore how you show up as leader, asking the important questions. Those questions we rarely go deep enough into.

Learn to listen to your deeper callings, translate the nudges, then put words and structure to them with a clear plan 

Explore radical self care and self love so you can lead from a place of wholeness and power

Develop your innate power of creativity first in generative language then in bold action that moves the needle forward.

Refine and integrate the pillars of leadership: Integrity, authenticity, commitment, contribution, responsibility, and impacting the future – and from that place, step into playing a bigger game.

You will create a more powerful, whole relationship to yourself, your leadership and your life.

And more..

If you think you would LOVE to join then click here to schedule a conversation and see if it’s a fit. 

If you are a true wild spirit you can answer the questions below, then I’ll get back to you personally! 
Wild Spirit – I look forward to meeting you. 

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